Terms and Conditions

Initial consultation is free of charge. We recommend the key is available at this consultation as additional call out fees will be charged.

  • All dogs booked for playgroup sessions must provide a current C5 vacation certificate prior to commencement.

  • Casual walks must give a minimum of 24 hrs notice prior to service commencement to avoid rejection.

  • Cancellations less than 48hrs prior to booking will forfeit full booking fee.

  • Should you return early during your booking, full fees apply.

  • Dog walking payments must be made prior to service or cash left on the day.

  • Pet minding must be paid in full prior to commencement date.

  • Services can be paid via direct deposit, cheque or cash.

  • You are responsible for the health and safety of 4 Dogs Walking employees whilst on your premises.

  • Bitches on heat will not be walked. • Unsocialised dogs will not be taken on group walks.

  • Dogs will not be walked in temperatures exceeding 30 degrees.

  • Dogs will be walked in light rain but not in heavy rain, thunderstorms or lightning.

  • It is of the upmost importance that you give full information in relation to the needs and requirements of your pet. 4 Dogs Walking and its employees will not be held responsible if full instructions are not given in advance of the service.

  • You must ensure that your pet is in good health. If we believe your pet is not in good health we reserve the right to seek veterinary advice on your behalf and you will be liable for any veterinary fees.

  • We will always use reasonable judgment in caring for your pet. In the unlikely event of an emergency, every attempt will be made to notify you of the situation, however, if you are unable to be contacted, we reserve the right to seek immediate veterinary attention as required at your cost.