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Dog Walking

We`re all aware our canine companions require regular walks, exercise and time to socialise and explore. Due to the demands of our busy lifestyles it can be difficult to find the time to provide these essentials. This results in boredom, loneliness and potential destructive and anti-social behaviours.

Regular walking and socialising can help burn up excess energy and provide physical and mental stimulation resulting in a well-rounded healthy happy dog.

We offer the following weekday walking services:

  • Socialising playgroup walks (1Hr off leash): Your dog will be picked up, taken to a dog friendly park and returned home happy and relaxed. $30 per session.

  • One-on-one street walks (1/2 Hr on leash): Local walk tailored to meet your dog`s requirements.
    $40 per session.

  • Puppy and senior visits (15 min): Great for inside dogs that need that quick sniff of fresh air and a toilet break. Please call for price.

  • Leash training (1/2 Hr): One dog to be walked at a time. $50 per session.

Weekend and public holidays are available upon request at an additional cost

" My husband and I travelled overseas for three weeks recently and were very anxious about leaving our three pooches in the care of anyone for walking. They can be a handful and with very different personalities and all very active, not always easy to manage unless you are familiar with them. After reading many of Clair's testimonials and meeting Clair in person (our pooches took to her instantly), we booked her to take the dogs three times a week to a leash free area whilst we were away. Moose, Rusty and Phoebe had the time of their lives with Clair and the other pooches she minds. We received photo and video updates of their exploits each time Clair took them out. This made all the difference while we were away knowing they were happy and in the care of someone who genuinely loved walking them. They truly loved Clair and their time with her, the socialization with other dogs a real highlight and a credit to her management of their personalities. We would not hesitate to call Clair again should the need arise and cannot recommend her highly enough. "
Angelique Brumale, Mount Eliza

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